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David L. Goines graphic arts posters offered, sought or traded

Post a message offering or seeking a particular Goines poster

Send an email to Poster Exchange and as soon as it's received it will be posted on this page. Please keep the David Lance Goines graphic arts poster description brief, 25 words or so for each posting. We'll endeavor to include thumbnail illustrations of the posters but if there are more than a dozen or so, space considerations may make it necessary to list only the poster number and title.

Try to be specific as to the title or subject matter. If you're hazy about a particular poster, go to the POSTERS BY GROUPINGS section, open up one of the groups and see if you can find the exact poster in which you're interested. On the other hand, if you know the poster's title or some key word close to it, go the Home Page and on the bottom right-hand side, you'll find a Google search box. Enter the title or search term and hit the "Search goines.net" button before clicking on Google Search.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable ourselves to handle exchanges of David Lance Goines graphic arts posters through this website. Nor can we be responsible for posters obtained through this poster exchange web page. But this may the one place in which you can find that long-sought-after poster that has always eluded you. Good Luck.

This web page is the poster exchange page from the First Quarter of 2003. As the Exchange Page is archived generally every quarter, previous postings of those seeking or offering posters can be found by browsing through the following archived quarters listed below. In actual practice, requests and offerings are left for a year and then only removed if the originator cannot be contacted. There is currently no limit on how long exchange postings can remain on the site.

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SEEKING - 3/30/03

Earth's 10

Poster wanted:
(#143) Earth's 10 Commandments
Copywriter - Ernest Callenbach

Contact: kynama@yahoo.com




SEEKING - 3/30/03

Chez Panisse
10th Birthday
Chez Panisse
Menu Cookbook

I am seeking for a present these posters, would love signed but most likely can afford only unsigned. Please respond with details and pricing. Thanks.

(#92) Chez Panisse 10th Birthday
(#95) Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook
the recipes ready for framing set (or sub-set)

Contact: sfhikr@yahoo.com



OFFERING 3/27/03

V.D. Clinic

I would like to know it's value if any 1971 (#13) Berkley V.D. Clinic with roses in hangman's noose!



Contact: Pigsout419@aol.com



SEEKING - 3/20/03


I am looking to buy a copy of the Chez Panisse Second Birthday Poster (#31) Chez Panisse Second Birthday. Additionally, I am trying to determine what the current market price is of the poster, even if it is not available for purchase. We recently lost our home, as well as our copy of this poster, in a devastating fire and want to include it on our insurance claim, as well as replace it.
Thank you - Kristy

Contact: Kristy Wiese kristywiese@earthlink.net



OFFERING 3/19/03


#34 Karl Kardel
(1st edition) $150
#50 Champagne

(3rd edition) $500
#61 Goines: Palace
Legion Honor

(1st ed.) $150
(2nd ed.) $200
#73 Orientalia
#79 Messiah
#86 Cafe'
Carducci graphic Chez Panisse cookbook graphic Quilt graphic Cody's graphic Oakland Symphony graphic
#93 Carducci
& Herman

(with one
miniature) $150
#95 Menu

#96 Quilt Show
#101 Cody's

#103 Oakland

# 97 Lord
Nelson Beer


Contact: pwroblewski@cox.net Thank you very much----phil



OFFERING - 3/8/03

goines show graphicI have a second edition. copy reads: (#61) GOINES: 1968-1977. for a show at the university art museum....
if interested please make an offer.


Contact: ryinkobza@hotmail.com


SEEKING - 2/28/03

Le Matin
Pandora's Box
Music and
the Movies:

I am looking for Le Matin (#58), preferably unsigned, in frameable condition. I have for sale or trade #77 Asilomar (signed) and (#52) Pandora's Box (unsigned), both in excellent condition. I have a framed Portal Publications copy of (#52) Pandora's Box available for sale or trade. I'm seeking an unsigned copy of (#47) Music and the Movies.

Thank you.

Contact: Ann Davis at avrh8@yahoo.com


SEEKING - 2/12/03

31st Chez

I wonder where new Goines posters - for example the (#196) 31st Chez Panisse poster, - are available. Do you know?

Contact: fraleigh@fas.harvard.edu




OFFERING - 2/11/03

Le Matin

I have an unframed, uncropped poster of "Le Matin", (#58) Le Matin in excellent condition that I would be willing to part with.

Contact me with your offer -- Mary-Alice Pomputius

Contact: pomputius@hotmail.com



SEEKING - 2/10/03


I'm looking for a reprint of an "Asilomar", a (#77) Asilomar poster. If anyone is interested in selling one, please email me with information on the condition and the asking price.


Contact: jlee95616@aol.com


SEEKING - 2/6/03

is not

Please post the following: Seeking (#159) Applause is not Enough, any edition. Please contact with price.

Maunee Berenstein

Contact: mauneek@hotmail.com



OFFERING - 1/28/03


I have Morrow posters (#106) Morrow that I would like to make even trades for other interesting (Bay Area related) Goines posters. My posters have been well stored since printing and are in new condition.

Thanks in advance

Contact: john@trench.com


OFFERING - 1/17/03


Have framed and signed David Lance Goines "Bach" poster (#26) Bach.. Framed by Franklin in USA. Anyone with info, please contact me.

Thanks., Pam Hiner




SEEKING - 1/15/03

Le Matin
(#60) Chez
Panisse 5th

I've been looking for (#58) Le Matin and (#60) Chez Panisse 5th Birthday, either signed or unsigned, in excellent condition. Does anyone have one or both for sale?

Thanks, Barbara

Contact: BLSCSW@aol.com



OFFERING - 1/15/03


I have an ANATOLE FRANCE, signed with writing on bottom. Excellent condition. Will consider serious offer.

Contact: lawyer@hamptons.com




OFFERING - 1/2/03


I have to sell or trade signed and dated (#108) Carousel (109/300), (#109) Domus (109/300). Mint condition. Never framed or hung.
Seeking signed copies of (#77) Asilomar, (#90) Northface (Mountains, not Reflections), (#115) Heiwa.

Contact: Denise O'Brien


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