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ARTIST and writer David Lance Goines was born May 29, 1945 in Grants Pass, Oregon, and is the oldest of eight children. His father, Warren Charles Goines (1921-2002) was a civil engineer. His mother, Wanda Burch Goines (b.1923) is an accomplished artist and calligrapher, who at the age of 87, wrote and illustrated her first published book, Bunnyfluff Wants to Fly, (Alta Bates Hospital, Berkeley, 2010).

He attended the University of California at Berkeley as a Classics major, but in his second year was expelled as a consequence of his participation in the Free Speech Movement. Though later readmitted, he had by then lost his taste for higher education and in 1965 apprenticed with a Berkeley printer, becoming in the fullness of time a journeyman of that Art and Mystery. He is the author of five books, collaborated on three, and his work has been the subject of six others.

In 1968 he founded Saint Hieronymus Press in the same Berkeley printshop where he had learned his trade. There he has remained, designing his work and printing it by both letterpress and photo-offset lithography.

His artwork has been reproduced in numerous professional publications, including American Illustration, Communication Arts, Graphis, How, Print, and Step-By-Step Graphics.

His writing and artwork have been the recipients of many awards, most notably the 1983 American Book Award for his book, A Constructed Roman Alphabet. His artwork is represented in both public and private collections, among which are:

Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts, The Palace of the Legion of Honor, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, California
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Colorado State University, John W. Kluge Contemporary Art Poster Collection
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution, New York
Cornell University, The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
Hiroshima Museum of Modern Art, Hiroshima, Japan
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Museé de la Publicité, Palais du Louvre, Paris
National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC.
Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, California
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Riverside Art Museum, Riverside California
Rochester Institute of Technology, Welber B. Cary, Jr., Graphic Arts Collection, New York
Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.
University of California Art Museum, Berkeley, California (Complete collection of posters donated by Ralph and Kiki Phillips, December 1997)
Victoria and Albert, South Kensington, LondonW7 2RL

His artwork has been exhibited in more than one hundred one-man and group shows, both national and international.

He lectures frequently, in various places nationwide, and has taught occasionally at the University of California, Berkeley, at the UC Extension, and the California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland.

He is the author of five books, collaborated on three, and his work has been the subject of six others.

He is a twenty-one gallon blood donor.

email: dlg@goines.net

website: http://www.goines.net/


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To Clarify, Add Detail; critical review of Edward R. Tuftes Envisioning Information for Fine Print (Fine Print ceased publication before the article was printed.)

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2002-2004: One-hundred-twenty enameled iron sidewalk poetry panels for the City of Berkeley. (Downtown Berkeley Association President's Award, February 5, 2004; Berkeley Design Advocaates Award of Excellence, December 10, 2004)

September 2001: Stained glass tryptich (Saint Mary Magdalen, Christ the Teacher & Saint Dominic)for Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Henry & Berryman, Berkeley.

October, 1997: "Four Square" plate design for Chez Panisse cafe.

November, 1994: "Bacchus" obverse and reverse, medallion in precious metals. Execution of the clay models by Alex Shagan (recipient of the American Numismatic Society's 1995 J. Sanford Saltus Award). The design was also issued as a bronze bas-relief.

July 5, 1993: Glass, copper and marble sculpture for Robert Brooks, Centerville, Ohio. Execution by: Kip Mesirow (copper), Karl Roars (glass etching), Alice Sink (lettering), Lyn Howe (glass), Mark Parsons (marble).


2007 December 1 & 2
Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley, California, 94709

2005 August 31 - September 30
Rogue Valley Manor, Medford, Oregon.

2005 August 24 - September 24
Vintage, Berkeley California

2003 July 14 through September 5
"Two Illustrated Cookbooks," Book Club of California, 312 Sutter, Fifth Floor, San Francisco California.

2003 January 25 through February 28
"Thirty-Seven Years of Posters," Lawrence Gallery, 9507 Santa Monica Blvd., Third Floor, Northwest corner of Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. 90210. (310) 278-0882

2002 April 6 through May 25
Riverside Art Museum, 3425 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside CA 92501, Telephone (909) 684-7332. Director, Bobbi Powell.

1999-2000 October 23 through January 4
Gleeson Library & Donahue Rare Book Room, University of San Francisco. Retrospective.

1998-1999 December through January
Erica Tanov Home Store, 3032 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley CA 94705 Telephone: 510.654.8912

1997 October 1 - December 29
Domaine Chandon Winery, One California Drive, Yountville CA 94599 Telephone (707) 944-2280

1996 September 3 - November 3
Domaine Chandon Winery, One California Drive, Yountville CA 94599 Telephone (707) 944-2280

1996 February 7 - March 15
Fermi Labs

1995 July 1 - August 20
David Lance Goines: "UAM/PFA Posters, 1972 - 1995," University of California Art Museum, 2626 Bancroft Avenue, Berkeley CA 94720

1995 May 1 - June 30
"Linoleum Block Prints by David Lance Goines," Dow and Frosini, 2284 Fulton, Berkeley California 94704.

1994 October 4 - November 26
"Public Service and Pro Bono," Dow and Frosini, 2284 Fulton, Berkeley California 94704.

1994 March through April
Grinnell College, Print and Drawing Study Room, Burling Library, Grinnell, Iowa 50112-0811.

1992 September 1 - October 23
Luther College Art Gallery, Decorah IA 52101

1991 December 11 - 17
Gallery Miyako, Ashiya, Japan

1991 October 24 - November 5
Umeda Seibu Loft Styling Gallery, Hyogo, Japan.

1991 September 17 - October 13
Studio Duse, Via Pietro Bembo, Asolo, Italy. Color Catalog. Continuing in Desenzano and Este; Galeria Civica Palazzo Todeschini-Desensano.

1990 May 28 - June 15
Galerie Vivant, Ginza - Yanagia Building, Tokyo, Japan

1989 December 6 - January 27, 1990
Schneider Museum, Southern Oregon State College, 1250 Siskiyou Boulevard, Ashland OR 97520-5095

1989 November 1 - December 31
"21 Years of Work," Dow & Frosini, 2284 Fulton, Berkeley CA 94704

1987 June 13 - July 13
Galerie de France, 12 rue de la Devise, Bordeaux, France. The individual show is part of the larger "Le mois de laffiche Bordeaux." Color catalog.

1987 May
Saville Fine Prints Gallery (formerly The Poster), 817 Anacapa, Santa Barbara CA 93101. Also March 1978 and April, 1974

1987 March 4 - April 6
Oakland Museum, One Thousand Oak Street, Oakland CA 94607.

1986 November 20 - December 20
Pacific Film Archive, University of California Art Museum, Berkeley 94720.

1986 October
McBean Library, Cate School, Carpinteria, California 93013.

1986 September 22 - October 10
College of the Redwoods Gallery, Eureka, California 95501.

1986 June 16 - August 23
Tyler Art Gallery, State University of New York, College at Oswego, Oswego, New York 13126.

1986 January 22 - February 28
I Street Gallery (formerly Rara Avis), 1725 I Street, Sacramento CA 95814. Also January 25 - February 28, 1985; January 4 - January 29, 1984; January 6 - February 11, 1983; January 5 - February 10, 1982; November 3 - November 30, 1981; September 16 - October 25, 1980

1986 January 20 - March 7
University of Connecticut Library, Storrs, Connecticut 06268.

1985 August 20 - October 31
Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Catonsville, Maryland 21228.

1984 October 12 - November 10
Poster America, 138 West 18th Street, New York NY 10011.

Thackrey & Robertson Gallery, 2266 Union Street, San Francisco CA 94123.

The Poster Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1977 June 27 - September 18
Retrospective at the University Art Museum, University of California, Berkeley, California 94720.

1976 October 30 - January 9, 1977
Retrospective at The Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, San Francisco, California 94121.

1974 September 15 - October 6.
Retrospective at Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland, California.

India Ink Gallery, 4647 Kingswell, Los Angeles, California 90027.

1973 April 14 - May 31.
First one man show. The Poster (later Thackrey & Robertson Gallery), 2266 Union Street, San Francisco, California 94123. Color catalog printed at Saint Hieronymus Press: Goines: Posters: 1968-1973.


2013 November 8-10, Hillside Club, Berkeley California

2012 Smithsonian Institute "Food: Transforming the American Table, 1950 - 2000" November 20, 2012 - Permanent

2010 June 4 - July 31 Earth: Fragile Planet
Society of Illustrators, New York NY

2010 March 4 to March 19
"Bridge to the Future Olympic Bid Posters", Art Museum of Los Gatos

2003 March 15 - September 21
Iconic to Ironic: Fashioning California Identity, Oakland Museum of California, 10th & Oak Streets, Oakland CA

2003 January 24 - 27
International Vintage Poster Fair, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California.

2002 July 19 on
"L'Art de Boire," lithographs, gravures and posters from 1825 to 2002. Chateau Malrome (Toulouse Lautrec's castle), 33490 Saint-Andre-du-Bois, France.

2002 September 2 - October 24, 2002
"Bridge to the Future" Poster Exhibition. Olympic Games posters by twelve Bay Area designers. Exhibiting designers Sharrie Brooks, David Lance Goines, Michael Mabry, Jennifer Morla, Jean Orlebeke, Ward Schumaker, Michael Schwab, Todd Simmons, Michael Vanderbyl, Min Wang, Sam Smidt and Kit Hinrichs.
Art Museum of Los Gatos
4 Tait Avenue
Los Gatos, California

2002 March 30, 2002 through March 2004
"Skulls" exhibition at the Natural History Museum of the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California.

1999 April 24 - September 25
"One Hundred Years of Artists in Berkeley" Berkeley Historical Society, Veteran's Memorial Building, 1931 Center Street, Berkeley, California

1999 June
"La Vigne et le Vin saffichent" Gravures anciennes, Affiches contemporaines, during Vinexpo in Bordeaux.
From August 1 through October 1 at Domaine de Roueire

1998 October 30 - November 2
International Vintage Poster Fair, Fort Mason, San Francisco

1998 October 20 - November 5
"La Vigne et le Vin saffichent" Gravures anciennes, Affiches contemporaines.

1998 June 6 - August 7
Assembly, 1701 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, Berkeley CA 94709

1998 April 17 - July 5
Fifty Years of the Achenbach, The Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, San Francisco 94121

1998 March 20
"Posters American Style," National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. Color catalog. Also traveling to:
Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida (August 29 - October 25, 1998)
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California (January 23-March 21, 1999)
Oakland Museum of Art, Oakland, California (June 12-August 15, 1999)

1998 January 12 - February 20
"Makeready: Finding Art in the Unxpected," curated by Philip Krayna, The San Francisco Center for the Book, 300 de Haro, 415.565.0545

1997 September 12 - October 3.
Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition 10th Biennial.

1996-1997 December 1 - January 31
Joint show with Michael Schwab at Galerie Louvre, 3571 Sacramento Street, San Francisco CA 94118 Telephone: (415) 567-7557

1996 May 10 -
USA Poster Exhibition in Rzeszow, Poland. Invitational exhibit of social and cultural posters that begins in Poland and travels through Europe and the United States. Color catalogue.

1995-1996 November 11 - March 1
"Treasures of the Achenbach." California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, San Francisco. Color catalog.

The 100 Best Posters from Europe and the United States, 1945-1990." Full color, hardbound catalogue, and full-color, full-sized facsimiles of all posters which were sent to some 200 major art museums and educational institutions in the United States, Europe and Japan. The exhibition travels internationally, beginning in the Tokyo Station Gallery through July 9, 1995.

1994: November 10 - December 30.
"The Alphabet Show." Okeanos Press, 2808 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley CA 94702. An exhibit of work by twenty-six artists, each working with a letter of the alphabet. The letters were drawn randomly for each artist. My letter was "J."

1994: November 3 - December 1.
"Contemporary American Posters." With Charles S. Anderson, Gerald Bustamente, Margo Chase, Joe Duffy, April Greiman, John Hersey, McRay Magleby, Jennifer Morla, Woody Pirtle, Michael Schwab and Paula Scher.
Santa Rosa Junior College, 1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 95401-4395

1993: September 21 - October 23.
Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition Biennial (Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland). Also at the University of Northern Colorado Poster Show at the Mariani Gallery (Video Catalog)

1993: May 27 - December 26.
Craftsman's Guild, 300 DeHaro, Suite 342, San Francisco CA

1992: March 18 - April 15.
Society of Illustrators, Museum of American Illustration, 128 East 63rd Street, New York NY 10021. Catalog, Illustrators 34.

1992: January 2 - February 28, 1992.
Bay Area Design for 1992., San Francisco International Airport

1991: December 6 - December 24.
"27 Women and One Token Man". 2010 Third Street, Studio 4, Berkeley CA 94710

1991: September 19 - December 8.
"Recent Acquisitions, Part Two, 1950-1991." California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, San Francisco, 94121. Corporation of the Fine Arts Museums and the Graphic Arts Council of the Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts.

1991 From September 19.
"The Picture of Health: Images of Medicine and Pharmacy from the William H. Helfand Collection." Philadelphia Museum of Art.

1991 August 5 - August 31.
"Twenty Years of Chez Panisse Posters & Menus," Dow & Frosini, 2284 Fulton, Berkeley CA 94704

1990 From October 21.
"100 ans daffiches Automobiles," Centre de design de lUniversit du Quebec Montral, 200 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montral (Quebec) Canada H3C 3P8

1990 September 20 - November 18.
"Les Habitats du Vin," at the Muse des Arts Decoratifs de la Lausanne, Avenue de Villamont 4, CH-1005 Lausanne.

1990 August 1 - October 15.
"Images for Survival," The Contemporary Museum, 2411 Makiki Heights Drive, Honolulu HI 96822

1990 "Noahs Art," an invitational group exhibition sponsored by the Wichita chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts to benefit the local chapter and the Sedgwick County Zoo.

1990 January 19 - February 18.
Art Litho Communicator in Residence Retrospective Exhibition, Maryland Institute College of Art, 1300 Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21217

1989 September 16 - December 31.
"Recent Acquisitions of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts: Tradition & Innovation, 1500-1989." The Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, San Francisco 94121. Catalog.

1989 September 5 - 20.
"Design for the Wine Country," exhibition at the Contract Design Center, 600 Townsend Street, San Francisco CA 94103.

1989 May 24.
"The Scarf," group exhibition and auction of painted silk scarves to benefit DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation for AIDS). Hardcover book The Scarf published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1989.

1989 May 23.
"ZYX: 26 Poetic Portraits," exhibition of alphabet letters by designers, illustrators and photographers. Hardcover book published by the Society for Typographic Arts (STA) and the Library of Congress, 1989.

1989 April 6 & 7.
"Art After Hours," sponsored by LEAP (Learning through Education in the Arts Project), 20 California Street, San Francisco.

1988 November.
23rd annual Western Art Directors Club West Coast Show, San Francisco Print Center

"Expositions Patrimoine Artistique LU," Paris, Caen, Cannes, Megeve, Cheverny, Pontlevoy, La Baule, Geneva, Zurich, and in 1989 San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Dallas.

1988 January through March.
"In Time of Plague", at the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street, New York NY.

1987 December 9 - February 28, 1988.
"Cheers!" prints and drawings on the subject of drinking, from the permanent collection of the Achenbach Foundation. Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, San Francisco.

1987 June 13 - August 30.
"Recent Acquisitions, Part II, 1950 - 1986," at the Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts, Lincoln Park, San Francisco.

1987 March 7 - June 14.
"Masterpieces of American Works on Paper," at the De Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

1987 March through May.
"Twenty Years of Collecting," at the De Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

1986 October 11 - October 31.
"Exposition du Renouvellement du Patrimoine Artistique LU," Paris, France in the Espace Cardin. Color catalog.

1986 October 6 - October 10.
"Art for AIDS," at the Vorpal Gallery, 395 Grove Street, San Francisco CA 94114. Color Catalog.

1986 June.
UNESCO International Poster Exhibition in Paris.

1985 From August 1.
"Images for Survival," opening in Hiroshima at the Hiroshima Museum of Modern Art, and in New York; then traveling throughout Japan, principal cities in the Soviet Union, Europe, Canada and the United States. Color catalog: Images for Survival, The Shoshin Society, Washington, D.C.

1985 April 6 - June 9.
"Recent Acquisitions, 1945-1984," at The Achenbach Foundation for the Graphic Arts, Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco.

1983 October 21 - December 4.
"The Modern American Poster," at The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, and from December 14, 1983 to January 22, 1984, at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. Catalog: The Modern American Poster, The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto and The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

1982 September 23 - November 11.
"California: Art on the Road," under the Auspices of the California Art Council; December 5, 1982 - January 30, 1983 at the Laguna Beach Museum of Art; Ventura County Historical Society.

Traveling exhibition under the auspices of The American Institute of Graphic Art (AIGA).

"American Illustration," at The Oakland Museum, Oakland, California.

Smithsonian Institution exhibition "Images of an Era: The American Poster 1945-1975," Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. The show also traveled to Houston, Chicago, New York and various European cities. Catalog: Images of an Era: The American Poster 1945-75.

1975 March.
Dublin Arts Festival International Poster Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland.


1983 American Book Award (Louise Nevelson Sculpture, Edition #117)
American Institude of Graphic Arts
Colophon Club (Secretary, 1992 - June 1997)
Honorary Fellow, Department of Design, Kansas City Art Institute (1977)
Pacific Center for the Book Arts
Roxburghe Club (September 2003)
Board of Directors, Northern California Red Cross (2007)
Oscar Lewis Award, Book Club of California (2007)

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