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Posters Exchange 4th Qtr 2000

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David L. Goines graphic arts posters offered, sought or traded

Post a message offering or seeking a particular Goines poster

Send an email to Poster Exchange and as soon as it's received it will be posted on this page. Please keep the David Lance Goines graphic arts poster description brief, 25 words or so for each posting. We'll endeavor to include thumbnail illustrations of the posters but if there are more than a dozen or so, space considerations may make it necessary to list only the poster number and title.

Try to be specific as to the title or subject matter. If you're hazy about a particular poster, go to the POSTERS BY GROUPINGS section and see if you can find the exact poster in which you're interested .

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable ourselves to handle exchanges of David Lance Goines graphic arts posters through this website. Nor can we be responsible for posters obtained through this poster exchange web page. But this may the one place in which you can find that long-sought-after poster that has always eluded you. Good Luck.

This web page is the poster exchange page from the Fourth Quarter of 2000. As the Exchange Page is archived generally every quarter, previous postings of those seeking or offering posters can be found by browsing through the following archived quarters listed below. In actual practice, requests and offerings are left for a year and then only removed if the originator cannot be contacted. There is currently no limit on how long exchange postings can remain on the site.


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OFFERING - 12/16/00 Ruggles of Red Gap graphic

I have a Goines poster for the movie (#20)Ruggles of Red Gap, which I would like to sell.

Thank you.


OFFERING - 12/6/00

abecdedarium graphic goines car graphic

I have a collection of approximately 81 posters, all but 13 are signed, that I would like to sell in total.

Included is (#15) Abcdarium, 1/18 signed, (#27) Goines (car),signed, a scattering of early numbers from No. 4 through No. 60, and then a complete run of signed, from No. 60 through No. 115.

Also included is one original pen and ink preliminary drawing, signed, for (#71) New Years, plus a collection of Goines ephemera which includes gallery and exhibition announcements, mini-posters, Chez Panisse opening party, scarce wedding announcement, 1977; newspaper reviews of DLG and original invoices etc.

A few posters are framed, archivally, as done by Thackery & Robertson Gallery. May consider breaking the collection, but would prefer to sell complete. A great starter collection which could be filled in to completion. E-mail or phone if you'd like to talk about it.

Contact: George Fox  Days, 415-989-2665 or eves, 415-956-3278.

SEEKING - 12/01/00

Frankenstein graphic Metropolis graphic I'm seeking the (#107) Frankenstein and (#91) Metropolis posters and any suggestions on how to mount them so they'll last forever.

Contact:Rick Hayden, Mountain View, CA

SEEKING - 11/21/00

Velo Sport graphic Want any picture of Velo Sport. Doesn't need to be any special print or anything. No idea of cost so I may not be able to afford it. I want it for a Christmas present so I hope I'll receive some replys.

Contact:Sally Kirk in San Rafael

OFFERING - 11/9/00

Oakland Symphony graphic Eat graphic Three original unsigned prints for sale in Vancouver, BC. Framed or unframed, in excellent condition. Will send onto you insured.
US dollar prices:
(#103) Oakland Symphony 1983 $250.00
(#137) Chez Panisse Cafe and Restaurant 1989 $220.00
(#89) EAT 1986 $280.00

Thank you.


OFFERING - 11/1/00

The General graphic Chez Panisse 2nd graphic

Please add the following: (#19) The General one of 12 signed copies dated 1972. Excellent to pristine condition. Price $2500.

(#31) Chez Panisse Second Birthday; one of 100 signed copies dated 1973. Condition is excellent, and the poster has never been framed. Price $2600.

Thanks, John Moore (phone 415-333-9194)

Contact:John Moore

OFFERING - 10/31/00

Could you please add the following information to our listing in the Poster Exchange section.

We recently found that we had overlooked in the gallery inventory several copies of (#97) "Lord Nelson Beer" posters from the unsigned edition, which we wish to make available for purchase. We also wish to heartily thank all the collector's that have been purchasing from us, they are truly wonderful people.

Thank You,

Contact: David Lawrence


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