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Posters Exchange 4th Qtr 2001

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David L. Goines graphic arts posters offered, sought or traded

Post a message offering or seeking a particular Goines poster

Send an email to Poster Exchange and as soon as it's received it will be posted on this page. Please keep the David Lance Goines graphic arts poster description brief, 25 words or so for each posting. We'll endeavor to include thumbnail illustrations of the posters but if there are more than a dozen or so, space considerations may make it necessary to list only the poster number and title.

Try to be specific as to the title or subject matter. If you're hazy about a particular poster, go to the POSTERS BY GROUPINGS section, open up one of the groups and see if you can find the exact poster in which you're interested. On the other hand, if you know the poster's title or some key word close to it, go the Home Page and on the bottom right-hand side, you'll find a Google search box. Enter the title or search term and hit the "Search goines.net" button before clicking on Google Search.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable ourselves to handle exchanges of David Lance Goines graphic arts posters through this website. Nor can we be responsible for posters obtained through this poster exchange web page. But this may the one place in which you can find that long-sought-after poster that has always eluded you. Good Luck.

This web page is the poster exchange page from the Fourth Quarter of 2001. As the Exchange Page is archived generally every quarter, previous postings of those seeking or offering posters can be found by browsing through the following archived quarters listed below. In actual practice, requests and offerings are left for a year and then only removed if the originator cannot be contacted. There is currently no limit on how long exchange postings can remain on the site.


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SEEKING 12/12/01

Le Matin graphic Chez Panisse 5th Birthday graphic Chez Panisse 30th graphic Ravenswood graphic Heiwa graphic
(#58) Le
(#60) Chez
Panisse 5th
(#192) Chez
Panisse 30th
(#115) Heiwa

I owned a reproduction of (#58) Le Matin which I bought in late seventies in SF after moving there from Iowa. The poster was ruined upon my exile to Missouri 20 years later. I want Le Matin back. Doesn't have to be an original.

I'm also interested in (#60) Chez Panisse 5th and (#192) Chez Panisse 30th birthdays, (#83) Ravenswood because I found their Merlots here in Columbia, Mo (of all places) and (#115) Heiwa because I hope for the day.

Contact: Timothy Perkins tperkins@boone.org

SEEKING 12/08/01

Seeking 1982, 1983, and 1987 Chez Panisse house wine bottles. I'm trying to be creative about finding David Goines' wine labels, they're wonderful!

Contact: Laura cadeaux@myexcel.com


Santa Barbara graphic
(#114) Santa Barbara

If you are interested in selling a (#114) Santa Barbara poster, please contact me.

Contact: Todd Power tpower@symantec.com

SEEKING 12/05/01

(#60) Chez Panisse
5th Birthday

I am seeking a copy of (#60) Chez Panisse 5th Birthday.

Contact: Barbara C. biba789@aol.com

SEEKING 12/03/01

Frankenstein graphic

Seeking: (#107)Frankenstein


Contact: Charles Sumner  delta_station@yahoo.com

SEEKING 12/02/01

LU biscuits graphic
(#123) Biscuits
Lefevre Utile (LU)

Seeking (#123) Biscuits Lefevre Utile (LU) poster, for obvious reasons!

Contact: Lu Lyndon  lyndondsgn@aol.com.

SEEKING 12/01/01

Looking for a copy of "CATALOGUE OF POSTERS BY DAVID LANCE GOINES". St. Hieronymus Press 1973

Contact: Larry Masuoka  masuoka@pacbell.net

SEEKING 11/20/01

Diamond graphci
(#180) Diamond

I am seeking a copy of (#180) Diamond as a gift for my son. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

Contact: Mage2star@aol.com

SEEKING 11/17/01

Planned Parenthood graphic
(#152) Planned

Its a long shot, but I am trying to track down a copy of (#152) PLANNED PARENTHOOD. In any condition. I would like to share it with a friend who is dearly fond of Mr. Goines work and has committed her life to the mission of Planned Parenthood, "Every Child Wanted and Loved". It would/will be a dream Christmas present.

Contact: Drew Ready" drew_ready@monterey.edu

SEEKING 11/06/01

Howl graphic
(#154) Berkeley
Conference Center

Seeking (#154) Berkeley Conference Center (Howl). The poster doesn't have to be signed.

Contact: Ellen Bryson bryse@cof.org

SEEKING 11/01/01

Le Matin graphic
(#58) Le Matin

Looking for (#58) Le Matin. Would be equally as happy with an unsigned reprint as with a signed original run......Just love the look and "feel" of it.

Contact: Glenn Tucker Jeep4346@AOL.com

OFFERING 10/30/01

Chez Panisse 5th graphic
(#60) Chez Panisse
5th Anniversary

1976 signed and dated Chez Panisse 5th Anniversary posters at a charity auction to benefit Lou Gehrig's disease research.

(#60) Chez Panisse 5th Anniversary, signed and dated for sale as part of an on-line ALS research benefit"


Contact: Stephanie Adraktas adraktas@hotmail.com

OFFERING 10/26/01

Chez Panisse 2nd graphic
(#31) Chez Panisse
Second Birthday

I have the following poster for sale. (#31) Chez Panisse Second Birthday Celebration. The poster is one of 100 signed and is dated 1973. The poster is in excellent condition and has never been framed.

Contact: Please contact John Moore at: kenojuak3@aol.com

SEEKING 10/4/01

Chez Panisse second b-day
Chez Panisse
Second Birthday

I am interested in acquiring a (#31) "Chez Panisse Second Birthday", in excellent condition. Will pay $75 plus shipping.

Contact: AntBlabby@aol.com


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