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David L. Goines graphic arts posters offered, sought or traded

Post a message offering or seeking a particular Goines poster

Send an email to Poster Exchange and as soon as it's received it will be posted on this page. Please keep the David Lance Goines graphic arts poster description brief, 25 words or so for each posting. We'll endeavor to include thumbnail illustrations of the posters but if there are more than a dozen or so, space considerations may make it necessary to list only the poster number and title.

Try to be specific as to the title or subject matter. If you're hazy about a particular poster, go to the POSTERS BY GROUPINGS section, open up one of the groups and see if you can find the exact poster in which you're interested. On the other hand, if you know the poster's title or some key word close to it, go the Home Page and on the bottom right-hand side, you'll find a Google search box. Enter the title or search term and hit the "Search goines.net" button before clicking on Google Search.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable ourselves to handle exchanges of David Lance Goines graphic arts posters through this website. Nor can we be responsible for posters obtained through this poster exchange web page. But this may the one place in which you can find that long-sought-after poster that has always eluded you. Good Luck.

This web page is the poster exchange page from the Fourth Quarter of 2003. As the Exchange Page is archived generally every quarter, previous postings of those seeking or offering posters can be found by browsing through the following archived quarters listed below. In actual practice, requests and offerings are left for a year and then only removed if the originator cannot be contacted. There is currently no limit on how long exchange postings can remain on the site.

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OFFERING 12/29/03

thirty recieptes graphic
Thirty Recipes
Suitable for

I have the complete set of "30 recipes suitable for framing" in the original folder. They are in great shape, stored flat and well cared for...they'd look lovely in any arts and crafts style kitchen.

Thank you.


Contact: Molly madformodern@aol.com if interested.


OFFERING 12/28/03

thirty recieptes graphic
Thirty Recipes
Suitable for

I have the Portfolio, Thirty Recipes Suitable For Framing, although I have only 23 of the recipes, plus three laminated recipes. It is a 1970 Fifth Printing in the original portfolio, in good to very good condition. The recipes have been stored flat and unframed. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing the batch. Thank you.



Contact: Jerry jerviszimmerman@sbcglobal.net


OFFERING 12/22/03

I have the following Goines posters for sale, all posters are in mint
condition, never framed or exposed to natural light, a majority of the
posters are signed.

#1, 3-6, 8, 9, 11-14, 17, 19, 20-23, 25, 26, 28-48, 50-52, 63-73, 75.

Contact:  m.bovill@worldnet.att.net


SEEKING 12/10/03

poster graphic Mistral poster graphic


Vin du

I'm looking for (#143) and (#156)



Contact: Brianna paint@briannabradley.com  bbradley@marisoftinc.com


SEEKING 11/30/03

Anatole France poster graphic


Seeking poster (#7), the Anatole France quote. Can probably only afford
an unsigned one.

Contact: Marie Kahn mepley@pacbell.net




OFFERING 11/29/03

Shere poster graphic Bach poster graphic Full circle poster graphic



I own the (#18) Shere poster. It is signed and beautifully framed. The original framer used ordinary cardboard as a backing. By the time I realized this, it had started "foxing". It has been remounted, but I have not taken it to a conservator for restoration.

I also own 2nd editions of the Bach poster (#26) and number (#62) the Full Circle poster. Full Circle poster (# 62) is faded, but beautiful. I would like to offer all three for sale. Please contact me by e-mail or cell phone. Cell phone number  503-869-4274

Contact: Mr. Dana Carr. danac@pacifier.com


OFFERING 11/11/03

thirty recieptes graphic
Thirty Recipes
Suitable for

I have four of the “Thirty Recipes Suitable for Framing.” Two are framed: “Watercress Soup” and “Whole Wheat Bread.” Two are unframed: “”Rye Bread” and “Potatoes with Dill.” Will entertain reasonable offers.



Contact: donita@earthlink.net


OFFERING 11/11/03

Velo graphic


For Sale 1 (#4) Velo-Sport Bicycles poster. Original, 24" tall with pencil signature dated 1972. Asking $1200. If you have any questions please email or call Neal at 925 962 1618.

Neal Flaster

Contact: nflaster@pacbell.net


OFFERING 11/03/03

Eat poster


Hello- I have a first printing (#89) EAT poster to sell in excellent condition. Contact me for details. It is unsigned. Sherwood. (See photos: Poster EAT1    Poster   EAT3   Poster EAT4)



Contact: sdonahue00@mindspring.com


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