Anatole France graphic
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Edition of 500 of which nine copies are signed.

1970 One color 15" x 24"

Client: Michael S. Kelly Photo: Unknown

Michael S. Kelly, Esq. opened his law practice in 1970 and wanted a simple announcement to send his friends and prospective clients. This is what he got instead. The Anatole France quote has often seemed to me to sum up much of the true import of the law. It is a net that catches the little fish, whilst the big fish simply tear through its feeble meshes.

I had the poster on the wall of my shop for years, until one day a woman came in and asked if it were still available. Told that it was not, she suggested that I sell her the one off the wall. When I declined, she became incensed and stomped out in a rage. Although I'd enjoyed looking at it, as well as the comments it excited, I took it down and put it away, figuring that anything that aroused that much envy and avarice was a good thing to get out of the public eye.

Solon used to say that speech was the image of actions;... that laws were like cobwebs,-for that if any trifling or powerless thing fell into them, they held it fast; while if it were something weightier, it broke through them and was off. - Solon. x. (From "The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers." Translated by C. D. Yonge, B. A., with occasional corrections. Bohn's Classical Library.)