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Edition of 3117 of which 300 are signed 1-300, 26 are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, and three sets are signed as progressives.

April 1, 1984 13 colors 17-3/4" x 24"

Model: Anonymous little girl photographed by the artist at the Berkeley Carousel Client: Tobin Fraley, Tobin Fraley Studios, 3246 Ettie Street #12, Oakland CA 94608. Telephone (415) 654-3031 A-Z: artist's own use. Progressives: 1 set to Tobin Fraley

Influence: Donn P. Crane

You hear much talk about possession by demons and evil spirits and such claptrap, but not a word of its compliment. If people can be possessed by the Devil, or one of his minions, why not by angels, or God Himself? We say of one who is an "original," a simpleton, that he is "touched by God," or one of God's children. When the Disciples were possessed by the Holy Spirit, they spoke in tongues and behaved strangely, perhaps capering about and foaming at the mouth. This is not quite what I mean by angelic possession. When God Almighty takes you over, you may be expected to come apart at the seams. In the milder form of Angelic Possession however, you may merely be commonly polite to people under trying circumstances, or not make trouble for others when you could well do so, or simply be contented with a situation that someone else might gripe about and make everybody else in the same boat feel bad.

Some years ago a young woman of my acquaintance was traveling Europe on the cheap, and found herself stranded, with no money, for 36 hours in an out-of-the-way airport, together with some dozens of her fellow would-be passengers. She recounted the event as one of the high points of her trip. She drew notebooks full of portraits, got to know people whom she might otherwise never have met, and generally looked upon the whole experience as a grand adventure.

When a friend came to dinner with her two small children, they proceeded to play together as sweetly as anyone could ever wish, while their elders had an enjoyable, calm meal and pleasant, uninterrupted conversation. The older child spent most of her time decorating her little brother like a Christmas tree, and he throughout sat patiently and endured her attentions with an unrivaled sweetness of spirit. This is not merely astounding, this requires an explanation.

This joy at what another might see as calamitous adversity; this delightful interlude in an otherwise normal childhood; though strange, these things make sense. Angels passing overhead dropped in for a visit, dwelt a moment, and then gently departed, leaving in their wake the silver sound of bells.