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Edition of 2264 of which 300 copies are signed 1-300, 26 are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, and 5 sets are signed as progressives.

July 15, 1981 Four colors 18" x 24"

Client: Alice Waters, Chez Panisse Cafè & Restaurant, 1517 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley CA 94709. Telephone (510) 548-5525

A-Z: Artist's own use.

Sharp-set and tired after a long day's work, we relax into the welcoming embrace of smells, tastes, sights, textures, and the homely, familiar symphony of kitchen sounds. A feast for the senses, a delight to the spirit. The body is refreshed with food, the mind with conversation. When we talk and eat together, we share our lives, and weave the events of the day into sturdy friendships.

One meal is followed by another; one day flows into the next. Some meals are simple, some lavish. Some meals we remember all our lives, for one reason or another, usually good ones. We look back over the long years and think, "This was a happy time. This was a good time. I will keep the memory of these times as a blanket to warm my soul. I will always remember these things that have passed away."