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Edition of 320 of which 100 copies are signed 1-100, and 26 copies are signed A-Z as artist's proofs. July 13, 1975 Seven colors 18" x 24"

Client: Self Promotion, and later reprinted for Champagne Deutz & Connoisseur Wine Imports A-Z: Artist's own use (Communication Arts, January/February 1977; Print Casebooks 2, 1977) (facsimile)

Second edition 1647 of which three sets of progressives are signed. Modifications are: the Roman numeral II appears in a circle next to the signature block; the line "Connoisseur Wine Imports 462 Bryant, San Francisco, California 94107" is imprinted along the bottom.

September 6, 1976 Seven colors plus imprint 18" x 24" Client: Deutz Champagne and Connoisseur Wine Imports

Third edition of 1057 of which no copies are signed.

The Roman numeral III appears in a circle next to the signature block, 557 copies have the imprinted line on the bottom like the second edition, and 500 do not.

1976 Seven colors plus imprint 18" x 24" Client: Champagne Deutz & Connoisseur Wine Imports, 462 Bryant, San Francisco CA 94107

Drinking stars, teasing sparkling tickles up your nose. So good it makes you sneeze. Champagne is hopeful beginnings, ship launchings and weddings. Pure celebration, birthdays and graduation, engagements and red roses and lips swollen with rose-red kisses. You don't bring that joyful popping cork out at a funeral. You don't go down to the corner bar and say, "Mac, my wife just left me. Give me a shot of Champagne." No. There's another side to it, though: Champagne and laughter, but what comes after?* It may be a toy cannon with toy cannoneers stiff at attention with their toy swords held high but if you push that popgun sound too far, if you have a little too much then it becomes something else. Maybe it becomes a real cannon and you at its mouth; maybe the toy becomes real and you become its toy. What tickles your fancy may turn on you and rend you, so take care. Many a girl has giggled a glass down her throat and then another and then before she quite knew what she was doing before she could quite figure out what was happening she was a maid no more. And the night that began in laughter awakens to a sunrise blurred with tears. Not all toys are always toys; and the last glass is not like the first.

"Come quickly, I am drinking stars." attributed to Dom Pérignon upon discovering that he had created champagne. * "Cocktails and laughter, but what comes after nobody knows." - Noel Coward, "Dance Little Lady" (1928)