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First printing of 200 of which four copies are signed. This edition printed by Greg Robb at Rainbow Zenith Press.

1970 Eight colors 17-1/2" x 22-1/2"

Client: Michael Johnson, Rainbow Zenith, 2433 Durant Avenue, Berkeley CA 94704. Telephone (510) 843-3131 All signed copies to The Poster, San Francisco

(Images of an Era: The American Poster 1945-1975, The National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, 1975; Le Mois de l'Affiche á Bordeaux Catalog)

Second printing of 1000 of which 100 copies are signed. This edition was printed at Saint Hieronymus Press. Five sets of progressives were also signed. 1973 No alterations All signed copies to The Poster, San Francisco

This is the last poster I did that was actually displayed on the streets. As the posters were put up on fences and telephone poles, people followed behind taking them down and running off with them. Though flattered, the client and I felt that to continue was self-defeating. From this point onward, my posters have been hung on interior walls.

Sometimes I imagine that they yearn for the wild, free life of their ancestors-torn by wind, washed by rain, defiant of "post no bills." Shrill bus cards and gargantuan big-brother billboards roam the great outdoors, while my shy and rather small creatures, with quiet colors and soft, gently persuasive images, must stay indoors, even on sunny days.