(#180) Diamond Foam & Fabric:

Edition of 2236 of which 125 copies are signed 1-125, 26 copies are signed A-Z as artist's proofs; X are signed as dedication copies, and three sets are signed as progressives.

October 31, 1998 16-3/8" x 24" 10 colors

Model: Sami (Model photography by Megan Leeanne Cieri)

Influence: Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen (French, 1859 - 1923)

Client: Jason Asch, Diamond Foam & Fabric, 611 South La Brea, Los Angeles California 90036 Telephone: (323) 931-8148 FAX: (323) 931-2086 Dedication copies: Jason Asch, Megan Leeanne Cieri, Alfredo, Kiri, Mark & Nancy, Gabrielle, Claudia, Dee & Gianna, Caryl, Angela, David, Cisco & Alba, Chagai, Aliyah, Mr. Nagano

Influence: Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen (French, 1859 - 1923)

Two in number, the Penates were guardians of the storeroom. They presided over the well-being of the household, their blessing being shown in the abundance of stores. The hearth of the house was their alter. Often they are represented dancing and raising a cup, to symbolize a joyful and prosperous life.

The Lares are the good spirits of the departed, who even after death, continue to be active in bringing blessings to their posterity. The image of the lar familiaris, chief tutelary spirit of the household, stood between the two Penates, in a shrine beside the household hearth. The Lares and Penates were saluted daily with a morning prayer and an offering from the table. Regular sacrifices were offered on the calends, the nones and the ides, and at all important family festivities, such as birthdays, the marriage of a child, the return of any member of the household after a long absence, or at the reception of a bride.

Arrived at the house, the bride anointed the doorposts with oil. She was then lifted over the threshold into her future abode. Here her husband welcomed her into the partnership of fire and water. She then offered the Lares and Penates her first sacrifice of garlands, cakes of honey, wine and incense.