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Edition of 350 of which 150 copies are signed. Two sets of signed progressives.

1973 Eight colors 18" x 24"

Client: Self promotion All signed copies to The Poster, San Francisco

(Print's Poster USA 73; Le Mois de l'Affiche á Bordeaux catalog) (facsimile)

Influence: 1920's automobile advertisements

I found a space right in front. There were fifty minutes on the meter, and I made a mental note to come back in 45 and put in more money. When I came back, there were still fifty minutes on the meter. The gods have smiled. When you're in the womb, at some point you get handed a long list of things to choose among. There are thousands of them. You get to pick some, but not many. You don't know what they are-you haven't even been born yet. Some things were useful a long time ago, like being able to catch a mammoth every time, or not get Black Plague. Some things will be useful in the future, like resistance to invisible death rays or always getting water coupons. Some things are useful right now, like getting a parking space or having a good dentist. Since you're picking at random, you tend to get things that aren't very useful because they never come up. No mammoths anymore. But, I must have checked off parking, because I always just have the best luck finding a space. Maybe I should have picked something else, but hey, I was just a kid.