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Edition of 250 of which 25 copies are signed. This is the first poster to be signed in the plate with the signature block.

1972 Three colors 18" x 24"

Client: Tom Luddy, The Pacific Film Archive, University Art Museum, 2625 Durant Avenue, Berkeley ca 94720. Telephone (510) 642-1413 All signed copies to The Poster, San Francisco

(Communication Arts, January/February 1977)

I'd done nineteen posters and a lot of other design work and I hadn't signed any of it because I felt that my work was so derivative of the work of others that it would be presumptuous to claim any of it as my own. One day I walked past the gallery Dow and Frosini and there was a poster in the window that I really liked. It obviously had been done recently, but it wasn't signed, so I couldn't find out who had done it. This annoyed me greatly, and as I stood there being annoyed I realized that I was doing the exact same thing myself, and that there were probably plenty of people out there who were annoyed because I wasn't signing my posters. So I started signing them. I liked the pattern of four squares arranged into a larger square, and had used that as a sort of signature before, so when I designed a signature I kept that basic idea and made it a square. This movie always makes me cry.