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Edition of 2615 of which 200 copies are imprinted "From Stewart Honeyman." Of the unimprinted number, 300 copies are signed 1-300, 26 copies are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, and five sets are signed as progressives.

February 7, 1978, Eight colors, 16" x 24" including gold foil stamping by Marier Engraving

Model: Sarah Hodges Leverett

Client: Stewart Honeyman A-Z: Artist's own use

You know things and you don't know things. Parts of you have the gift of human speech, and parts of you do not. Parts of you can think and parts of you can only react. That old snake brain, the medulla oblongata, says "fight or flee." Instinct overlaid with reason, we find ourselves often as not torn between action and consideration. The duality that makes us human, acquired when we traded our own warm coat of fur for that of some hapless animal, also confuses and slows us down. We see and we do not see; we hear and we do not hear.

There are parts of you that know things but cannot tell you in ways that you can analyze consciously. There are parts of you that cannot speak with other parts, so you may begin to fragment into more than one person. There are at least two of you inside that dark and crowded space, and there are at least two motives behind every act; two meanings beneath every word. Sometimes more.

Sometimes so many more that neither you nor anyone else, inside or out, will ever know what's going on. You try to tell yourself but sometimes you do not listen; you try to show yourself but sometimes you will not see. What we have here, gentlemen, is a failure of communication.

"What we have here, gentlemen, is a failure of communication," is a tag line from the film Cool Hand Luke (1967)