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The Writings of David Lance Goines

Article titles from C to D

Click on any of the articles below in order to read them or choose another alphabetical grouping by clicking on the 'Writings' button above to return to the page of listings. Each article can navigate to those that precede or follow it.

Carpe Diem "Miniature golf is a dim game left over from the 1950s..."
Cat's Cradle "This is when you realize that girls know things..."
Celestial Navigation "All summer long I almost never see a clear sky..."
Chalk Outline "Little kids lay on the cement and draw around one another..."
Chaos of Thought and Passion "What i like about my martial arts school is..."
Christmas Present  "The three ghosts of Christmas...
Christmas Tree  "She started out a tiny seedling in a box..."
Cinderella   "Adorned Only In Her Youth, she stood fuming..."
(To) Clarify, Add Detail   "Sometime between 1401 and 1425..."
Cleisthenes, Father of the Free Speech Movement "I enrolled in the University of California Berkeley Classics department..."
Clouds Look Like Europe  "When my brother was a baby, he cried for the moon..."
The Collector  "When I lived in England, I began collecting..."
Common Enemy  "Martinis. Cigars. Full-contact dancing. What's happening?..."
Constellations  "When we encounter things that have no order..."
Contradictions  "Talking with my workout partner while we were benching..."
Cool, Man, Cool  "In my late teens and early twenties I was still caught up..."
Cost Per Wear  "Life is not a Sunday garment. You wear it every day..."
The Day Nothing Happened  "The sky lit more brilliant than by the Sun, sharp shadows marched..."
Deathsong  "The certain knowledge of immediate death inspires a song..."
Déjà Vu  "Beautiful maiden, prize of war. Cassandra..."
Designer's Guide to Color "To name a thing is to know it. The very first job that God gave Adam..."
Destruction of the Aristocracy  "In every political system there exists a tension..."
Dexterous "Last night I dreamed that a resident of the Looking Glass World had entered our own."
Did You See That?  "Memory is the private review of experience..."
Dinner Date  "Eating alone is entirely different from eating with others..."
Disappearance of Thanksgiving  "Thanksgiving is a peculiarly North American holiday..."
Domestic Bliss  "A washer and drier are, like symbolic speech, things that distinguish..."
Don't Believe Everything You Hear  "When wrapped surprises were handed out after Cub Scout's meeting..."
Don't Lie, Don't Steal, Don't Waste Your Time  "This quechuan sentiment was the formula greeting..."
Don't Wait  "Nobody could sleep. Some of us played poker..."
Donuts & Holes  "As I was showering this morning, deciphering out of idle curiosity..."
Double-Plus Ungood  "The destruction of thought through restriction of speech..."
Dreamer, The  "I'm probably not the only person who confuses dreams with reality..."
Dreamless "Sleep, close sister of death, to whom we daily surrender ..."
Dream of a New World "When I was nine years old I thought a lot of thoughts..."
Drug Wars "Mankind's first desire is to avoid death. Failing that..."

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