Cost Per Wear

May 29, 1997

Life is not a Sunday garment. You wear it every day and it looks it. Threads come loose, unravel, get plucked out. Holes torn and burned through carelessness or accident are darned sometimes inexpertly. The fabric is discolored here and there with blood, sweat and tears: stains that won't wash out. Not everything matches. Not everything fits. The cloth is patched and mended, threadbare but familiar and dear through use. We do not choose the fabric, but as the saying has it, you must cut your coat according to your cloth.

Some choices we make carefully, some hastily; some are thrust upon us; some we make without knowing it or knowing that we even have a choice. They all add up to make us what we are. Measure twice, cut once.

"Cost per wear" is an advertising concept that rationalizes the expense of a garment by dividing each time you wear it into the original cost. Thus, a $3,000 suit becomes a $1500 suit after only two wearings, and after one hundred wearings (perfectly reasonable for such a fine suit) only $30 per wear.


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Cost Per Wear

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