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The Writings of David Lance Goines

Article titles from S to Z

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Saboteur "Opinion is ego masquerading as thought..."
Sailing Away "ON OCTOBER 4, 1834, my great-great-great-grandmother..."
Saint Valentine's Day "SAINT VALENTINE, the martyr, whose feast day is celebrated on the 14th of February..."
Say Goodnight, Gracie "A FRIEND invited us to a play that he was in, and so we went..."
Set It In Caslon "Despite the undeniable appeal of sans serif faces, they are not suitable ..."
Seven Deadly Arts "PEOPLE DO SOME THINGS just to be annoying. Just as there are Virtues and Sins..."
Seven Deadly Virtues "The Seven Deadly Virtues are no more than the flip-side..."
Sex, Violence and Rock 'n Roll "THE Framers of the Constitution recognized that most social..."
Share The Wealth "RARE, but not so much as to be wholly fabulous are the coins..."
Shifting Gears "I USED TO DRIVE a tomato-soup-red 1963 Volkswagen bug..."
Short Skirts or Nothing Happens in a Vacuum "Graphic artists are part of the greater pool of designers who wrestle with the real..."
Silent Reading "Saint Augustine (354 - 430), Bishop of Hippo, experienced an..."
Slack "IF NOBODY EXPECTS too terribly much of you..."
Smoke and Mirrors "GOLD STREET in San Francisco, shades of old miners..."
Spring Planting "The first spadefull of earth makes a sound..."
Stargazer "I AWAKENED ABOUT FOUR this morning and stood in the backyard..."
Stupid Little Lies "STANDING AT THE BAR in Jupiter, a pub that sells draught Guinness"
Susan, the World Traveller "Susan, the world traveller, was the pet of six-year-old Kristin."
Tantalus, Zeno and Me "Tantalus, king of Lydia, son of Jupiter, husband of Dione, father of..."
Tears of Joy "THERE ARE SUCH THINGS, but by comparison they are rare. Beauty can bring tears..."
Thalassa, Thalassa! "ONLY A FOOL tells a sailor that he has not seen somethin..."
The Alphabet in Alphabetical Order "The Alphabet in Alphabetical Order..."
The Gift "Gifts are never between equals. The giver always assumes an ascendancy..."
There's No Time Like the Present "After the countdown, spang-on at midnight straight up, as if by a miracle..."
The Thing That Isn't There Anymore is Still There "My house was built in 1923, and though it had electrical wiring..."
The Tooth Devil "Chatting with Arianna Shemmer, an amiable six-year-old..."
Those Old Guys "REAL EMOTION falls back on cliché. In times of sorrow as well as times of joy..." 
Time and Space "A fundamental property of elements is that they are made up of atoms..."
Traveler "A lonely bed in a foreign land, in a different place at a different time.."
Traveling Companion "AS MY FLIGHT PREPARED FOR TAKEOFF, a horrid smell wafted back..."
Triumph of the Won't "My parents dutifully voted in every election...."
Two Thousand Acres... "MY ABSOLUTELY LEAST FAVORITE part of a relationship is meeting..."
Vae Victis "ALL'S FAIR in love and war, we hear at a tender age..."
Venus "On September 25, 1991, between 6:15 and 6:45am local time in Padua..."
Veteran "ON AUGUST 28, 1861, my great-great-grandfather went to town..."
Village of the Darned "HECK is the residence of the eternally darned..."

Viva Italia!

"QUITE AN EVENTFUL couple of months..."
Voices of Youth "In 1962, when I was a Junior at Castlemont high school..."
War with the Squirrels "SQUIRRELS DON'T UNDERSTAND a lot of things..."
We Used to Sing "MY great-grandmother sang songs from the Civil War era.."
What Did Posterity Ever Do For Me? "WHAT DO I CARE? I have engendered no hostages..."

What is an Artist?

"Obviously, an artist is someone who creates art..."
What Rhymes with Orange? HOT AS THE HINGES OF HELL, Sacramento summers...
What They do in Heaven "The batter steps up to the plate, spits, waggles the bat around experimentally and swings hard ..."

Where Ideas Come From

"You have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find a prince..."
White Skies "SOMETIMES in the summer, when it's really hot, the sky instead of being blue..."
Why Are We in Vietnam? "TWO CITY FELLERS visiting out in the country have to go ..."
Wiggly Lines "THE designer is, in effect, setting tasks for other people. If the designs are good,..."
Wish Fulfillment "ADAM LOOKED AROUND the Garden of Eden and after a while he noticed..."
Wounds Not Mortal "SIMPLY PUT, there are only two kinds of wounds: ones that kill you ..."
Wrong Number "FROM TIME TO TIME I telephone my mother. Sometimes to catch up on what's going on..."
Your're Not Going Out Like That "YOU KNOW IT'S NOT AN ACCIDENT, and she's not dressed that way..."

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