WHEN THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH BURNED, the fire spread to the adjoining grammar school. The school is now closed and empty; the students dispersed. The firemen put out the flames, but not before smoke and heat killed the classroom pets. Along the fence, pictures and eulogies commemorate them. One drawing shows Nibbles the Rat under a headstone, feet in the air, while above, a haloed Nibbles ascends a ladder into the clouds. A nameless turtle floats over the sentiment, "now they're in heaven." I was taught that animals do not have souls. We humans alone are minted in the Image of God, to the exclusion of His other creatures. Well, I'm not going for it. We are every one of us the works of God's hands, neither better nor worse, and either we all have souls or none. There's plenty of room in Eternity. See you in Heaven, Nibbles.

August 25, 1994

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