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The Writings of David Lance Goines

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New Year "Though we seem to desire knowledge of the future..."
Next Step, The "The Twentieth Century is the last time that human technology..."
Nigerian 419 Scam or Hiding in Plain Sight, The "It is generally agreed that Nigerian 419 scams are so obviously fake that..."
None So Blind "Tapping her four-sense way down the street..."
North is Up "Maps are drawn as though the cartographer were God..."
Novus Ordo Seclorum (1) "...in the past no government had the power to keep its citizens under constant surveillance. .."
Once Burned, Twice Shy "TRACKING AROUND with my grandfather through the mountains of Southern Oregon..."
One in a Thousand "SEND 25 CENTS and two boxtops from Rice Krispies..."
One of Us "MY COMPANION ASKED what I'd been doing over the weekend."
One Room Schoolhouse "I ATTENDED KINDERGARTEN in a one room schoolhouse...
On the Death of a Cheerleader "Six feet tall and a real beauty. Long stemmed, full bosomed, blonde with big blue eyes..."
On The Inefficiency of Beauty Contests... "Rather than the subjective, whimsical evaluations..."
Original Sin "There is no Original Sin, there is no Devil and there is no Garden of Eden..."
Palimpsest "SHORTAGE OF MATERIALS and contempt for earlier texts have long encouraged..."
The Pallbearer... "Come take me now, I have no time to waste..."
Paper Anniversary "Paper covers rock, rock breaks scisors, scissors cuts paper."
Pasiphae Neither gods nor men have any control over their destinies. All serve...
Peanut Joy "THIS MORNING my pet rabbit was sitting on her favorite bunny-bottom-shaped bald spot..."
Pecca Fortiter "ONE OF THE MORE intriguing heresies of the early Church..."
Photo Album "Looking through a family photo album, dreading the inevitable onset of war..."
Photographic Memory "Photography was invented as a monochrome process, and until the mid-1960s..."
Pirate Radio "In 1958, shortly after my family had moved from rural Sacramento to urban Oakland..."
Plague of Flies "Miss Pop was a tall, skinny enemy of humanity who..."
Play Ball! "BASEBALL IS A PROTESTANT SECT. A 19th century American offshoot of Calvinist individualism..."
Pling-Pling Man, The "AT GOLD'S THIS MORNING I finished my final set of squats, but when I went on to deadlifts ..."
Plus Ça Change "TWO COPS come up to me as I'm sitting at the Author's Table in a tent..."
Post-Industrial Post-Literacy "WHEN writing was invented, it provided people with the ability to transcend their own limited lives..."
Post Hoc "WHEN I WAS a job printer we'd sit down and read the finished book when it came back... "
Potsherds "SOCIAL ANIMALS THRIVE amongst their number and, in a significant way..."
Pre-Telescopic Sighting of the Crescent Venus "On September 25, 1991, between 6:15 and 6:45am local time in Padua and while travelling..."
Primate Grooming "People are not content with the way God made them."
Princess Soapy and the Courteous Peasant "One morning Princess Soapy put on her finery and walked down the path..."
Procrustean Bed "NEAR ELEUSIS, in Attica, there lurked a bandit named Damastes, called Procrustes..."
Psychoceramics "JUST HOW CRAZY do you have to be to be crazy? Do you actually have to be barking mad..."
Quid Pro Quo "This morning at seven oclock they hitched me up to the machine, turned on the vcr..."
Quiet And Dark "THE darkroom is a pleasant place, cool and quiet. When the door is closed..."
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes "Particularly regarding the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Citizen to forestall..."
Rabbit God, The "At the beginning of the world the animal gods gathered to fill the land and sea and sky..."
Red-Blooded American Guy "Every altruistic action has an equal and opposite selfish motive....."
Reluctant Hero "HIS PARALYZING STUTTER evaporated in fountains of passionate eloquence...."
Resident Alien "HE'S STRANGE to me and I'm strange to him. Strange is as strange does..."
Reunion "WE THOUGHT IT WAS LOST; gone for good. Probably laying in the sand..."
Roamin' Alphabet "The quaint notion that there is a right and a wrong..."

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