Original Sin

There is no Original Sin, there is no Devil and there is no Garden of Eden in which we lived in peace and harmony with all of nature, eating fruit and running around as naked as jaybirds. I don't believe that Man has any flaws, any more than a fish or a tree has flaws. We are the product of random, meaningless evolution and the way we turned out is simply the way we turned out. We just happened to turn out to be Apex Predators, the most dangerous, nasty, bone-mean killers that ever walked the earth, largely through a process of killing everything smaller, weaker or dumber than ourselves, which was everything except our own kind. Since our only worthy opponent was us, we honed and improved our survival skills on each other, and after a few million years of killing the slower, dumber, weaker men and raping their surviving women, a highly selective winnowing process that produced ever more fearsome, smarter, meaner, humans, here we are, all teeth and horns: the top of the heap. The alternative was for something else to have ended up here instead of us, and it just happened to be us. We are neither evil nor good, and for that matter there is neither evil nor good. There is simply just the way things are. Evil and good are human constructs and have no natural existence. There is no purpose and no goal, except to survive and propagate the species. We too will become extinct; sooner or later the sun will go supernova, & unless we have figured some way off the mudball, that will be the final and definitive end to all our hopes & dreams. Remember: evolution is not over yet.

(January 19, 2013)



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Original Sin

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