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The Writings of David Lance Goines

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Account Closed    "In second grade, we little ones were encouraged to cultivate the virtues..."
Acts of God    "My grandfather was not a formally religious man, and only..."
Afterimage   "THE man swings his axe into the stump and as he raises it for another blow..."
Against the Fall of Night   "We don't want to get up in the morning, and we don't want to go to bed at night."
Age of Gold, The   "Creature comforts only peripherally imaginable in 1900..."
Age of Miracles "In second grade I got the measles. Although I was warned against reading..."
Airport Music "TICKETED PASSENGERS ONLY beyond this point..."
Alien Monsters...In My Backyard   "MY FATHER came whistling home with a new science fiction book..."
All About Eve "Eve not only did not have a navel..."
All is Flux   "FIRE INTO WATER. Water into Earth. Earth into water."
All Saints' "SAINT PAUL, passing by the hill of Mars, beheld an alter bearing the inscription..."
All the World "I WAS WRITING her a letter and the phone rang, and it was her..."
Also Ran "You came to me without my asking and crooked your finger..."
Amateur Night "AT THE AGE OF SIXTEEN, the Romano-Briton Saint Patrick was kidnapped..."
Apologia for Anarchism, An "I hail from ancestors who, as near as I can tell, had no political opinions..."
Art and Beauty "FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS ESSAY, I shall define art as things that people do..."
Artist's Model "WHENEVER I FEEL the need to draw but there's no model around..."
Artist as Challengers of Belief Systems "I HAD LUNCH on June 2 with Marion Syrek. He taught me printing..."
Bauhaus Isn't Our House, The "THE principles of the Bauhaus and the design precepts of the Swiss Style..."
Beautiful Lady "George Bernard Shaw remarked that what really flatters a man..."
Big Apple, The "In Centerville, Utah, Lisa and me picking blackberries the size of our fists..."
Black, Orange, Grey "This is a picture I did not take, of a blue-black crow..."
Blood Brother "They never tell you where it's going. Reduced to a number, you donate anonymously"
Blood Sport "GETTING INTO THINGS is a lot easier than getting out of them."
Bread and Rocks   "A FRIEND DROPPED BY for a visit..."
Brief History of Pre-Electronic Printing, A "The history of printing is also a history of people, culture and trade."
Broadside as Polemic, The   "Were it not for the First Amendment and its champion,..."
Bug Up My Nose   " YESTERDAY, while I was doing military presses..."
Butterfly Wings "WITH just a tiny twist, things could be so different. The smallest event..."
Button Button "Why do men's shirts button opposite from women's blouses? "

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