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David Lance Goines Fine Arts Posters

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New Year "Though we seem to desire knowledge of the future..."
None So Blind "Tapping her four-sense way down the street..."
North is Up "Maps are drawn as though the cartographer were God..."
Once Burned, Twice Shy TRACKING AROUND with my grandfather through the mountains of Southern Oregon"
One in a Thousand  
One of Us  
One Room Schoolhouse  
On the Death of a Cheerleader  
Paper Anniversary  
Peanut Joy  
Photographic Memory  
Plague of Flies "Miss Pop was a tall, skinny enemy of humanity who..."
Play Ball!  
The Pling-Pling Man  
Plus Ça Change  
Post-Industrial Post-Literacy  
Post Hoc  
Pre-Telescopic Sighting of the Crescent Venus  
Primate Grooming  
Princess Soapy and the Courteous Peasant "One morning Princess Soapy put on her finery and walked down the path..."
Procrustean Bed  
Quid Pro Quo  
Quiet And Dark  
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes  
Reluctant Hero  
Resident Alien  
Roamin' Alphabet "The quaint notion that there is a right and a wrong..."

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