PEOPLE MEAN WELL, but still they make mistakes. They're just trying to be nice is all, but sometimes it doesn't work for everyone. I was in Houston, Texas, once and because I was from near San Francisco they took me out for sushi. You could see the stockyards from the window, and what I got was raw fish. It wasn't bad, but what I wanted was one of those steaks where it says on the menu that if you can eat it all in one sitting you don't have to pay for it. When you're traveling, you want to do the local thing. Something new and exotic or at least what the place is famous for. You want barbecue in Kansas City, red beans and rice in Baton Rouge, and Gulf oysters and chicory coffee in New Orleans. You don't always get it. When I was in Tulsa, I asked my host to take me somewhere I'd never been and wasn't anything like anything I could do or see in San Francisco. He took me to Bible Land near Oral Roberts University. We were the only customers. It was nothing like anything in San Francisco. That's just what I wanted, and if he ever comes to San Francisco, I'll take him to the Castro.

June 1, 1994

The Castro District of San Francisco is known for its large male homosexual population.