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(246) LMI:

December 8, 2018

17-5/8" x 24"

Eleven Colors

Paper: Finch Fine Cover Ultra-smooth100 pound

Model: Ofri Lee Oren


1-125: Saint Hieronymus Press
A-Zz: Artist's own use

Dedication copies: Maya Duru; Ami Oren; Noa Oren; Ofri Oren; Tilly Oren; Claire Nicole Stremple; Naomi Wolman; Jonathan Santeramo; Doran Mori; Todd Meister; Jacki LaPointe; Dan Callaway; Gary Morrell; Wyatt Atkinson; Vas Fukson; Julio Jefferson; Nathan Ma; David Fisher; Jamie Rodemsky; Ajmal Arghandiwal; Michael Bye; Will Lutes; Fnu Dhondup Namgyal; Garrett Frisch; Mike Appleberry; Dustin Coonrod; Liz Kelley; Lynn Bradshaw; Kylee Morrell; Alythea Morrell; Karen Callaway; Gus Callaway; Fred Callaway; Matty Angell

Mercury, the messenger, does not create the message, nor does he act upon it. He is a conduit, the string between the tin cans, the wire between the telephones, the radio signal. Neutral catalyst, neither moral nor immoral, speaking all languages and understanding none. Quick as thought. Light as air. Pregnant with meaning. Midwife to action.

He does not know who he is, or where he is going, or what might happen when he arrives.Once earthbound, now he travels in light-straight lines in every direction at once, conveying our thoughts and dreams to an unanswering universe.

The earliest broadcast radio signal has travelled some one hundred fifteen light years and, though much attenuated, whispers, "I was here. I existed. Remember me." Then, suddenly, the messages stop.