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(242) Once & Future:

Edition of 1323 of which 125 are signed 1-125 and 27 are signed A-Zz as Artist's Proofs. Ten are signed as dedication copies. Three signed sets of progressives.

March 1, 2017

15-1/2" x 24"

Five colors

Paper: Mohawk Superfine 100 lb. Cover

Client: Joel Peterson, Once & Future Winery

1-125: Saint Hieronymus Press
A-Zz: Artist's own use
Progressives: Joel Peterson
Dedication copies: Joel Peterson

This design was also produced, in various iterations, as a wine label.

Time and space intervene in our perception of sight and sound. The Sunlight that glorifies the day is eight minutes old by the time we see our shadows; the sound of church bells reaches our ears when the distant belfry has already fallen silent.

Not so with the wine that graces our meals and enlivens conversation. The wine touches our lips and the taste is on our tongues and the perfume wafting into our noses is right here and right now.

Wine takes time to make, and time to mature, but the pleasure we derive while drinking it is immediate.