Resurgens Orthopaedics graphics


Edition of 1994 of which 125 copies are signed 1-125; 26 are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, and three sets are signed as progressives.

March 14, 2002 5 colors 16-3/8" x 24"

Client: Dr. John Garrett, Resurgens Orthopaedics, Atlanta, Georgia.

Model: Tati Faye Argue 1-125: Saint Hieronymus Press A-Z: Artist's own use






An injured athlete is a bird with a broken wing. Denied his natural element, he crawls along the ground, a picture of misery and discontent. Athletes court injury like a demon lover, and sooner or later the fated two meet, and the athlete falls and does not rise again. It's part of the deal: a few short years of physical prowess, and then, suddenly, the end of it. All that relentless training and hard work, all that skill, all that joy of the body, over with. To dream of running but not to run when waking.

Latterly, however, the evil day can be staved off. Things get broken and, within limits, they can be fixed. Old age--which for an athlete comes much sooner than for others--is yet an enemy, but at least an injury, even a serious injury of a knee or other joint, or a torn ligament or tendon, can actually be repaired and in a surprisingly short time the athlete is good as new. Orthopaedic surgeons routinely perform what only decades past would have been greeted with astonishment, and no doubt in time to come even greater miracles will speed the athlete on his way.

The surgeon's art restores the athlete's wings, at least for a while. The laurel nonetheless is green only for a season, then fades, and with that we must remain content.