Centennial of Childens' Hospital LA graphic


Edition of 2245 of which 125 copies are signed 1-125; 26 are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, 8 copies are signed as dedication copies and three sets are signed as progressives.

March 19, 2001, 12 colors, 16-3/8" x 24"

Client: Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Model: Isabel Ruby Tanov

1-125: Saint Hieronymus Press A-Z: Artist's own use Dedication copies: The children and families at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles; CeCe Baise; Peggy Galbraith; Claudia Looney and the CHLA Foundation team; Lise Luttgens; Erica Tanov & Steve Emmerson; Isabelle Ruby Tanov; Martha and John Welborne.
Progressives: One set to John Welborne, one set to Erica Tanov, Steve Emmeson & Isabelle Ruby Tanov; one set to Saint Hieronymus Press

Hardly anyone reaches the age of one hundred years while they're still alive. I do have one acquaintance, Winifred Kay Thackrey, who was born in 1898, and with the dawn of this new year officially set foot in three centuries and two millennia. But she's the exception, and few of us indeed will rival her tenure of days.

A century-old business is quite nearly as rare as a century-old person. In theory, at least, there is no upper limit to the life of a business, corporation, non-profit institution, religious movement or governmental body. But, strangely enough, most of them don't make it to the century mark, and those that do are as different from their infant selves as are people from theirs. When we say that Childrens Hospital Los Angeles is one hundred years old, what we mean is that the name, basic mission and perhaps the geographical location are the same, but really all that remains of the original is the memory.

That is just like ourselves: we grow, go through a usually stormy adolescence, become mature, and then make our way with more or less grace into the twilight of old age. But we are not at any time the men and women we used to be. We have changed and the world has changed with us, and in this we more than anything resemble the wonderful old knife that's had two new blades and three new handles.

So happy birthday, Childrens Hospital, and happy birthday, Mrs. Thackrey. May you have many more.