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(A Symphony for the Senses):

Edition of 3468 of which 125 copies are signed 1-125, 26 copies are signed A-Z as artist's proofs; 7 are signed as dedication copies, and three sets are signed as progressives.

17-1/2" x 24" 10 colors

Model: Sharon Bogas

Client: Napa Valley Wine Auction: Agustin Huneeus, Franciscan Estate Selections, PO Box 407 Rutherford CA 94573. Telephone (707) 963-7111

Dedication copies: Sophie Maureen Aissen, Sharon Bogas, Wendel Brooks, Agustin Huneeus, Joseph Phelps, Ocean Quigley, Ellen Russell 1-125: Dow & Frosin A-Z: Artist's own use Progressives: One set to Agustin Huneeus, one set to the Napa Valley Wine Auction, one set to Dow & Frosini.

(Society of Illustrators 39th Annual of American Illustration, 1996; Graphis Poster 97, Print's 1997 Regional Design Annual)

The cellist, bending her wine-stained mouth over her instrument releases a shifting kaleidoscope of sound that plucks first one heartstring, then the next, releasing a flood of sensation, recollection, longing and desire. Music comes out of nowhere and disappears, leaving emotion in its wake. Music is all memory and anticipation. Its mathematical beauty touches us indescribably, irresistibly. From heavy passion-stirring pulsing beat to delicate sustained tone, music is vibrations pure and simple. The first music we hear, all unknowing, is the throb of our mother's heart, her deep rushing breath, the song of her voice. The child's own heart taps in sympathy as it floats in a symphonic placental dream.

Wine is taste, smell and texture-things of the now. You can remember a tune perfectly, hum or whistle or simply imagine it, but you can't remember a taste that way. Taste is all in the present. You're either tasting it or you're not, and there's no substitute for the glass that's right in front of you. Yesterday's glass or tomorrow's glass is not the same at all. Between wine and song we live in past, present and future all at once: a taste of eternity.