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Edition of 1461 of which 100 copies are signed 1-100, 26 copies are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, three sets are signed as progressives and five are signed as dedication copies.

17-1/4" x 24" 3 colors plus bronze foil (foil stamping done at Golden State Embossing)

Influence: Woody Pirtle

Client: Los Angeles Library Association, John Howard Welborne, 220 South Irving Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90004. Telephone: 1-213-935-1914
A-Z: Artist's own use Dedication copies: Bohemian Club Library, Los Angeles Conservancy, Los Angeles Public Library, Robert F. Maguire iii, John Howard Welborne Progressives: One set to John Howard Welborne, one set to the Los Angeles Public Library

The greatest library known to antiquity was that founded by the first Ptolemy at Alexandria. The story of its destruction is of doubtful authenticity, but other libraries really have suffered dreadful fates. Knowledge put to the torch is a common theme, even in our own time, even among our own kind. Like the fabled phoenix, the Los Angeles Central Library was renewed and stands, more splendid than before, a gem sparkling in the smog-beautiful sunset diadem of tall buildings. City of Angels, heart of soaring celluloid dreams. It really does look like this.