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Edition of 2830 of which 150 copies are signed 1-150; 26 are signed A-Z as artist's proofs; three sets are signed as progressives and 10 are signed as dedication copies.

December 29, 1990 10 colors, including hot-stamped gold done by Apex Die 15-1/16" x 24"

Model: Hannah Love

Styling and Costume: Sophie Maureen Aissen

Influence: Alphonse Mucha

Client: Franciscan Estate Selections, PO Box 407 Rutherford CA 94573. Telephone (707) 963-7111 A-Z: Artist's own use Dedication copies: Apex Die (2); Sophie Maureen Aissen; Bill Cambron; Peter Franus; Agustin Huneeus; Hannah Love; Monique Thompson; Michael Tye; Gregory Upto. (Graphis Poster 92)

What can we possibly say about wine, women and song that has not been said before? Not much, but there are some things of which we never weary. Every glass of wine is a new glass. Some bring joy, and open doors to love and laughter and good companionship; others contain nothing but the promise of temporary oblivion. Freighted with desire, every kiss is a new kiss. Some kisses say hello, and some kisses say good-bye.

Every time we hear an old song it means more than it did before, because we've lived that much longer. Some songs make you tap your toes, and some bring tears to your eyes. Things change. People change. That's what being human is. We no longer live in that eternal present with which other creatures are blessed. We have eaten of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and have been cast out of the Garden. Janus-faced, we now dwell in the lands of memory and anticipation. Every day is a new day, promising hope and forgiveness and a chance to do better next time. Dum vivimus, vivamus.*

*While we live, let us live.