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Edition of 1583 of which 150 copies are signed 1-150; 26 are signed A-Z as artist's proofs; three sets are signed as progressives and one is signed as a dedication copy.

November 9, 1990 9 colors 16-3/8" x 24"

Edition not signed in the plate

Client: Charles Meyers, Harbor Winery, 610 Harbor Boulevard, West Sacramento CA 95691. Telephone (916) 371-6776 A-Z: Artist's own use Dedication copy: Charles Meyers Progressives: One set to Charles Meyers

All ideas are good ideas. Just depends on what you do with them and how they are treated. Sort of like people. Charles Meyers, a truly jolly old soul, thought that the idea of a gull with grapes in its beak was swell, but his daughter thought it was corny. So, to delight per and twit fils, I took the idea and ran with it.

Harbor Winery is an unassuming operation, run out of a corrugated iron warehouse in the dusty industrial section of West Sacramento, not an area noted for its vintages. But they make a good solid vino tavola, and I like it and the label tells the truth about it. When you get right down to it, presenting a truthful exterior is probably more important than the possible greatness of what may be inside. All wines are good wines. Just depends on the food and the company.