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(#125) ZERO WASTE:

Edition of 5736 of which 300 copies are signed 1-300, 26 are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, three are signed as dedication copies, and three sets are signed as progressives.

December 12, 1986 14 colors 15 - 1/4" x 24"

Client: Zero Waste Systems, Inc, Oakland CA A-Z: Artist's own use Dedication copies: Trevor Pitts, Olaf Glickman, Karla Van Meter Progressives: one set to Zero Waste Systems

(1987 Print's Regional Design Annual)

A basically good idea that didn't work out, as it happened. Disposing of industrial waste is often more difficult and expensive than buying the material in the first place, and if the cost is too great, people just cut out the middle man and dump their garbage down a storm drain in the middle of the night.

So the notion was to collect dribs and drabs of toxic chemicals and other horrid things that are actually quite useful if used where they belong and not dumped into a sewer, and then sell them to people who only need a little bit of the stuff.

Like many other great ideas, it didn't perform exactly as advertised, but in my book it gets a definite "nice try" award.