Citation graphic (#120) CITATION: Edition of 1563 of which 300 copies are signed 1-300, 26 are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, and three sets are signed as progressives.

February 1, 1986 10 colors 16-1/2" x 24"

Client: Donald D. Young, President, Citation Insurance Company, P.O. Box 28586, San Jose CA 95159. Telephone: (408) 984-0222 Model: Alexander Burch Goines A-Z: Artist's own use Progressives: One set to Donald D. Young

Model: Alexander Burch Goines


Insurance finds its origin in the protection of ship owners against the vagaries of fortune. Competent crew, skillful master, good bottom, all this was no more than a hedge against maritime disaster. Wind and weather are beyond human control. The insurance of the underwriter was that no crew or captain desired to drown, and they sought employment in return for pay and wanted to reach port to spend it on home and hearth or dockside whores as they saw fit. Insurance now can be gotten for almost anything, and has created a curious effect. Because we are to some degree indemnified against disaster, people become careless. Thus disaster becomes all the more likely.

If the stake you have in a successful voyage is your life, you will do all in your power to bring the ship home safely. If, on the other hand, the stake you have in a successful voyage is equal only to your insurance premium, you might consider taking risks you would otherwise have shied away from. You might even sleep through a storm rather than turn to and lend a hand. Carelessness, irresponsibility and laziness are to some degree a result of not having any stake in the system. If the blame is spread out far enough, and you have essentialy nothing to lose, then who cares what happens? Everybody's responsibility becomes nobody's responsibility.

Pain and loss are the penalties exacted by mistakes or misfortune. If the penalties are reduced, the willingness to take a risk increases. If some clever soul actually offered life insurance-that is insurance against death-we'd all become daredevils.