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(#100) HUBBARD:

Edition of 3870 of which 300 copies are signed 1-300, 26 copies are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, and 5 sets are signed as progressives.

October 1, 1982 13 colors

Client: Fred Ritter, M. D., Hubbard Keyboard Instruments A-Z: artist's own use. Progressives: 1 set to Dr. Ritter

Influence: Marguerite Davis

There are some things you can lose quite easily, such as possessions and wealth. Social station is oftentimes conferred through them and can depart with your earthly fortunes. You can lose integrity and honor. You can lose people, too. They can be part of your life and then, sometimes with great suddenness, can be lost, either through death or other causes.

But knowledge and skill are yours to keep. They will not desert you if you keep them modestly refreshed, and even the long-neglected will return penny bright with just a little burnishing. Moth and rust do not corrupt, nor will thieves steal them away in the night. You can make terrible errors, sin extravagantly, and it will not matter a jot. You may be broke and in disgrace, but-provided, of course, that you learned them in the first place-you will still know French and how to play the piano.