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Edition of 2517 of which 200 are signed 1-200, 26 are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, and four sets are signed as progressives.

May 27, 1976 Six colors 18" x 24"

Influence: Giorgio de Chirico

Client: Neil Koonerty, Bookshop Santa Cruz, 1547 Pacific Garden Mall, Santa Cruz CA. Telephone: (408) 423-0900

A-Z: Artist's own use

A beautiful binding, embracing beautiful printing on beautiful paper. The best of everything. But if it's opened, even a little bit, it loses some of its value. If it actually gets read, and certainly if it gets read by someone like me who really gets into it, it might as well be an ordinary book. The spine gets fine lines in it that indicate a reader. The pages are a bit shopworn, and with a really fancy book of course the pages aren't pre-cut so there's that giveaway. Sometimes the book is so designed that it is actually not possible to read it, and everything inside is protected forever from prying eyes. The act of reading would be an act of destruction. Onion layer self, where is the point at which you cannot bear to be looked at? What penalty will you exact if prying eyes get close to secrets too dreadful to bear? Onion layer self what will make you safe? Run away. Cancel the bank account and open a new one. Change your lover change your home change your hair change your name change your style change your skin. Onion layer self it will not work. Books are meant to be read.