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Two identical printings, the first of 2418 copies and the second of 2435, all signed copies being from the first. 200 copies are signed 1-200, 10 copies are signed with Roman numerals i-x, 26 copies are signed A-Z as artist's proofs, and four sets are signed as progressives.

February 5, 1976 Four colors 15" x 24"

Client: Karl Bornstein, representing The Antique Guild, 3225 Helms Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90034. Telephone (213) 838-3131 i-x: Karl Bornstein A-Z: Artist's own use

Things run down. Time runs out. Everything comes to an end, both good and bad. The last good-bye is hidden in the first kiss; the funeral at the christening; the winding sheet is swaddling clothes dyed black. You can't hang on to love and you can't hang on to life, so seize the day. You can't hang on to anything at all, because life is a river and it sweeps us along and passes us by and catches us in whirlpools and eddies, and at last sucks us down into its green and mossy depths and there we drown. Nothing lasts forever.