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Edition of 482 of which 100 copies are signed. Three sets of progressives are signed.

March 6, 1974 9 colors 12-1/4" x 24"

Client: Kay Thackrey, The Poster, 817 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101. Telephone (805) 965-1319

(Print September/October 1974: Print's Poster USA 74)(Print September/October 1974: Print's Poster USA 74)

Archaeopteryx, the earliest of known birds, dwelt in the misty Jurassic and probably dined on insects. Its feathers seem to have been a clever sort of permanent net, designed to allow it to spread out and catch food better than it could if it occupied a lesser volume. These feathers certainly allowed it to glide like a flying squirrel, though it may not actually have flown the way a robin does. Flying appears less to have been the original purpose than an after-thought, or by-product of the food-catching mechanism. A lot of things are like this. You set out to do one thing, and find that you cannot do it as well as you would like, and so develop a better way of doing the old task only to discover to your vast astonishment that you have accidentally struck upon something entirely new. We blunder along by fits and starts, and ever-hopeful, drive at one goal only to discover that we have ended up someplace else entirely. Striving gives us wings we did not know we had.