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#(35) BART:

Edition of 600 of which 50 copies are signed. This poster was printed at Tea Lautrec Litho in San Francisco, because its dimensions exceeded those of the printing press at Saint Hieronymus.

March 1, 1974 5 colors 21" x 22"

Client: Bay Area Rapid Transit System, through the advertising
agency, Wilton, Coombs & Colnett. Art director, Nancy Bovee.

All signed copies to Saint Hieronymus Press, Inc.

(Print September/October 1974: Print's Poster USA 74; AAF Interior Graphics Award of Merit 1975; Print's 50 Years of Graphic Design: The Shape of the Decades, November/December 1989) Second printing, not marcoated, not laminated. Edition of 350 of which 75 copies are signed. July 16, 1974

Children born after 1974 have a hard time figuring out what this poster represents. That circular thing with the holes in it behind the bart train is a telephone dial. Instructions for calling or leaving messages hardly ever say "dial" anymore. They say "press." "To reach the editorial department, press 1, now. To reach the publicity department, press 2, now." When I was young we didn't even have dials on the telephone. You picked up the heavy black Bakelite receiver and spoke with the operator, and she connected you with the person you wanted to talk to or with another operator if your call was long-distance. We were on a party line, and when the phone rang long-short-long it was for us. There was not a great deal of privacy in a telephone conversation. It's an odd feeling to be so old-fashioned already.