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#(30) CESAR:

Edition of 300 of which 100 copies are signed. These three posters (28, 29 & 30) were printed simultaneously. One set of signed progressives of each poster.

Edition of 300, of which 100 copies are signed.

August 13, 1973 5 colors 13-1/2" x 24"

Client: The Pacific Film Archive, University Art Museum, 2625 Durant Avenue, Berkeley CA 94720. Telephone (510) 642-1413 All signed copies to The Poster, San Francisco.

Marcel Pagnol began in theater, and all his life believed that films were nothing more than a means for giving stage plays a wider circulation and recording them for posterity. He directed films that were adaptations of his own plays, as well as writing adaptations which were then directed by others. In Pagnol's world, the screenwriter was king. This is no longer so-it wasn't true even then-and the world is not a better place for it. The screenplay is the skeleton upon which all the rest is hung. A strong, healthy understructure gives an invisible form, strength and reliability to the visible skin created by actors, directors and skilled technicians. Without a good backbone, most films come to resemble The Blob (1958).