Qui Tacet graphic
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Edition of 300 of which 10 copies are signed.
Some copies are printed on tan paper, and others on white paper.

1969 17-1/2" x 22-1/2" Two colors

Client: Bill Buckman,
Berkeley Graphic Arts,
1703 Grove Street, Berkeley CA 94709.

Photo: Wolfgang Albrecht, Associated Press
All signed copies to The Poster, San Francisco CA

Quite a bit was going on in 1969, much of it tumultuous. The image is from a photograph of young men throwing rocks at Russian tanks. Somewhat later, in Tiananmen Square, the world was inspired by another young man who stood, rock-immobile, as a military tank rumbled toward him. He stood fast, and it stopped. Rocks alone do not prevail against tyranny. Flesh and bone is no match for iron. Rather, it is the indomitable human spirit that resists and resists no matter how foolish or futile it may seem. If all you have is rocks, throw rocks. If all you have is your frail body, you've actually got more than all the tyrants in the world with their tanks and lies. The price of freedom is constant, unremitting resistance. All government is evil. All power corrupts. He who is silent, consents.*

* "Silence gives consent," Oliver Goldsmith (c. 1728-1774) The Good-Natur'd Man (1768), act I. Also as "Qui Tacet Consentit," a motto found on voter registration posters.