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Two identical printings totaling 3000 of which 18 copies are signed.

1971 Four colors 18" x 24"

Client: John Huot, Berkeley Arts, 2590 Durant Avenue, Berkeley CA 94704. Telephone (510) 548-1291 All signed copies to The Poster, San Francisco

Influence: Art Nouveau motifs

People will take just about anything if it's free. Whether they want it or not, or have any earthly use for it, they'll take as much of it as they can carry if it's free. It's the looter mentality. The first printing of this poster was given away for the asking, and it disappeared suspiciously fast. Things are valued according to their cost, and nothing for nothing. So, Berkeley Arts started charging money for the poster. Fifty cents. Not a lot, but even the smallest price opens a gulf between the exceedingly large group who will take anything at all in any quantity at all if it's free and the rather smaller group of people who actually want something and are willing to pay for it. Even a little investment makes a big difference. The more you put into something, the more you value it, no matter what it might be.